* Traditional Thai massage
Deeply relaxing effective in reduce in stress and relieving minor aches and pain. Thai massage is an ancient from of massage combining Yoga-based stretching.

* Foot reflexology
This massage use thumb and fingertips to apply pressure to the reflex point in your feet.

* Combination Thai oil massage
Massage mixes with stretching and deep tissues techniques to improve blood circulation apply to use in medium to hard pressures I'll help you restore the flexibility of body muscles.

* Aroma oil massage
We are focuses on pressure point body relaxation applied using light to medium pressure applying with essential oil promote circulation and gently knead tired muscle.

* Remedial massage
A variety of techniques specifically (kneading, stroking, frictions, tapping, vibration) designed to relieve muscles soreness and body aches.

* Hot stone
Hot stone massage is a specially massage where the therapist uses smooth, heat stones while applying essential oil I'm prove blood circulation effective way for stress relief.

* Body scrub
Scrub formula gently exfoliates away dead skin cells revealing the soft, supple skin below.

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